Sons Of Anarchy Episodes

Sons of Anarchy is a television series about the members of an outlaw motorcycle club in the town of Central Valley. The show revolves around the club’s ex-president, Jax Teller, as he begins to question what the club stands for. The Sons of Anarchy episodes have gained quite a following after its television premiere. On its third season, it became one of the highest rated series in television history.

sons of anarchy episodes

Sons of Anarchy is the brainchild of Kurt Sutter who draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s Hamlet where the two main characters relate very much to each other. In fact, the final episode of season 4 highlighted the famous soliloquy “to be or not to be.” The Sons of Anarchy episodes focus on the original founding chapter the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club who controls the town through close community relationships, bribery, and violent intimidation.

The Family Recipe

Kurt Sutter is not one to throw in uneventful deaths. If he does kill off one of the characters, he makes sure that the impact reverberates throughout the rest of the series. Piney’s death was easy to spot but when it happened, it changed the course of the entire season and sent it hurling towards its conclusion. His death set in different motions while Juice’s attempted suicide fails.

The Sleep of Babies

The sleep of babies is one of the Sons of Anarchy episodes where the cast has suffered a major loss. Clay’s reluctant hit cost Donna her life. No one was prepared for the turn of events which also revealed a more humane side of Stahl as she deals with her guilt over Donna’s death.

Na Triobloidi

This episode is from season 2. Na Triobloid was the climax of the entire event. It starts off where a lot of characters died including Ethan and Cameron’s kids as well as Weston and Half-sack. Zobelle escapes from the forces who want him dead and Jax’s baby has been kidnapped.

Burnt and Purged Away

Ryan Hurst is one of the shadowy characters in the show but this episode showed more sides of him than what were seen before. Opie showed signs of vengeance but had a much different approach. He has this ability to make himself unnoticeable until he is ready to exact revenge and become a force of nature.


The third season ended with a great plot twist. Jax’s betrayal was revealed publicly to the Sons by Agent Stahl. Gemma and Tara tried to contain the damage. Stahl discovers that she may not be the only one good at manipulation and she meets her end from the husband of the woman she got killed. At the end, it was revealed that Jax and the Sons all took part in it and Jax never betrayed anyone.

The Revelator

The Revelator is one of the Sons of Anarchy episodes that needed to happen in order for the season to have a proper closure. The episode showed the entire club mourning Donna’s death. Opie’s reaction was unexpected and Jax came to the funeral beaten up. He also realizes the importance of life in Donna’s death.


The building tension between Jax and Clay made “Balm” one of the best Sons of Anarchy episodes. Jax decides to go Nomad. Gemma decides it’s time to tell them about her rape at the hands of the League. The cast received recognition for their acting and the emotions that they displayed.

The Sons of Anarchy episodes are full of twists and turns that keep the audiences guessing and hooked to the plot. Despite all the blood and death that seems to surround the series, it has received many favorable reviews during the course of its run and many singled out Katey Sagal’s performance as outstanding. Above all, the Sons of Anarchy episodes impart valuable lessons about family, loyalty and trust.